Analysis in action
As part of our analysis services, SATS have connections with accredited laboratories in the UK able to offer top quality laboratory analysis, fields of involvement include those given below.
laboratory flask
laboratory glassware
  • Crude oil
  • Refinery products
  • Fuel additives and lubricants
  • Organic Geochemistry
  • Plastics, Polymers and Rubber
  • Surfactants and Detergents
  • Agrochemicals including pesticide degradation studies
  • Essential Oils
  • Environmental Analysis
  • Metals analysis (AAS, ICP-OES, ICP-MS)
  • Inorganic analysis
  • Organic analysis (HPLC, GC-FID, GC-MS, HS-GC-FID, GC-MS/MS)
  • Asbestos analysis
  • Gas analysis
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Pesticides
  • Laboratory Assessment and Accreditation
  • Provide expert analysis and advice
  • Help solve complex problems
  • Contract and/or Sponsored Research
  • Technology Transfer
  • Contract Advice
  • Bio-Technology
  • Agriculture and Horticulture
  • Chemical and process manufacturing industries